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Use of Information and Materials

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Provision of User Information

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Communication via Internet

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Risk Assessment and Status Check Before Policy Issuance

For insurance products sold on the Website, you are obliged to provide information in a lawful, up-to-date, complete and true manner. Any breach of this obligation by Customer may make the insurance contract void or terminated.

No Warranty

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Limit of Liability

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General Provisions

Users can be suspended from accessing the Website if UIC believes that it is appropriate due to errors or violations of the users.

UIC reserves the right to assign, transfer, or license any of its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use.

If there is any difference between the provisions of these Terms of Use and any contract/agreement between UIC and you, the latter shall prevail.

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For any query or to report any UIC-related violations or frauds, please call our hotline: (IT insert hotline)

  • Ha Noi: (84-24) 3826 2686
  • Ho Chi Minh: (84-28) 3821 9036
  • Da Nang: (84.31) 3569 294

UIC shall comply with the laws of Vietnam relating to the protection of personal data and consumer information when processing customer information.

Collection of Information

UIC may collect information directly from customers and from a variety of other sources through transparent and legitimate ways.

The information that UIC may collect about customers based on relationship with customers include full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, occupation, contact information, identification number/passport number in effect, residency, history of using UIC’s products and services, habits, health status, marital status, family relationships, business lines, customer interests and other information that is required by law or is necessary, related to the provision of products and services, for business purposes and for better understanding of customer needs.

For customers conducting online transactions, UIC may collect information, such as IP address, type of operating system the customers are using, when and how long the customers access the Website, Internet access location and items they have visited on the UIC Website, for the purpose of monitoring the use of, administering and customizing the Website, improving the customer experience.

UIC shall not collect any information to identify a visitor to this Website, unless otherwise specified. The user's access to this Website shall only be record with the Domain Name of the Server of the user's email address and of the visited webpages. This information shall be used for aggregating information about the number of people visiting the Website and statistics on usage habits of the Website.

Use of Personal Information

UIC shall only process the customers’ personal information for the same purpose as that for which it is collected, or for other purposes as agreed by the customers, or in cases as required by law.

Subject to the law and with the consent of the customer, personal information of the customer may be provided by UIC to reinsurers, insurance agents, insurance brokers, service suppliers, partners, members, parent companies, other members of the same corporate group and other stakeholders of UIC in countries or territories other than where information is collected to serve the development, implementation, and improvement of its products and services, appraisal and signing of insurance contracts and claim settlement. During that process, UIC shall also comply with the laws on personal data protection in those countries and territories.

UIC shall not share customers’ personal information with any other organization rather than UIC for the purpose of marketing products or services, without the consent of the customers. Subject to the law, we may share customer information within UIC to provide customers with preferential information about other products and services. Customers have the right to choose to refuse to receive the promotional information mentioned above.

We shall share the personal information if we believe that the access, use, maintenance or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to:

  • Comply with any applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, accounting principles, orders, subpoenas, judgments, decisions of any Court or request of competent authorities.
  • Enforce applicable rules, product or service terms, insurance contracts/policies, including investigation of potential violations, prevention and limitation of losses.
  • Detect, prevent or handle breaches, frauds, security or technical issues.
  • Protect against damage to the rights, properties or safety of UIC, its users or the public as required or permitted by law.

UIC may analyze customer information to understand customers' needs and types of products, services and promotion programs that customers may be interested in.

UIC may retain customer information until it is no longer needed for collection purposes or as required by law.

UIC shall be responsible for information owned by UIC, including information passed to service providers who are performing obligations on its behalf. When the personal information is shared with the service providers, it is their responsibility to protect it by measures consistent with UIC's practices, confidentiality regulations and agreements with UIC.


UIC shall manage personal information under strict and careful control in accordance with the law and agreements with customers.

UIC shall take necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access, reading, copying, stealing, alteration, or deletion of personal information of customers.

UIC shall ensure that information about UIC's privacy policy and personal information management practices is easily accessible to customers.

UIC shall provide customers with reasonable access to their personal information and notify them of the processing of personal information upon request or in accordance with the law. Customers may also verify the accuracy and completeness of the information and request it to be revised, updated or deleted, if appropriate or permitted by law.

Contact made by UIC

UIC may contact customers by email or telephone. UIC may call you by name in emails asking you to respond via email or by any of your actions over the Internet.

UIC shall not send you emails requesting you to update, verify or confirm your confidential details, such as PIN, bank account number, identification/passport number.

If you have any doubt about the legality of any email received that appears to originate from UIC, please contact UIC immediately. For contact details, please refer to the "Contacts" section below.

Responsibility to Protect User Information

UIC shall make the best efforts to provide optimum security of your data and all transactions in the same manner as protection of our customers. However, despite our best efforts, there are always online risks, and it is your responsibility to take necessary measures to protect yourself in accordance with the law, recommendations from trusted network security organizations and competent authorities, and do not share your accounts, account authentication information, passwords with anyone.


UIC may review, amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of the Website and/or UIC products or services after any amendment to this Privacy Policy shall constitute your acceptance of such amendments.

General Provisions

UIC reserves the right to assign, transfer, or license any of the rights and obligations under this Policy.

If there is a difference between the provisions of this Policy and any contract/agreement between UIC and you, the latter shall prevail.

This Policy is governed by the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All claims, disputes related to the Website or this Policy shall be resolved by a competent court of Vietnam.


For any query or to report any UIC-related violations or frauds, please call our hotline:

  • Ha Noi: (84-24) 3826 2686
  • Ho Chi Minh: (84-28) 3821 9036
  • Da Nang: (84.31) 3569 294