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Motor Insurance

Incident handling instruction and claim procedure

Motor Insurance

Call hotline 1900545585 when accident happen

Bring your vehicle to desired repair workshop

Submit claim

Check your vehicle condition after repair and receive

Points to note:

  • Rescue the injured (if any). Call 115 for medical help.
  • Take necessary measures to minimize losses.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene and damage condition.
  • Immediately contact Customer Service Center 1900 545 585 of United Insurance Company for specific instructions.
  • In case of traffic accident / third party related cases such as theft, burglary / robbery, or malicious / vandalism etc…, please immediately call the traffic police / local police / 113…
  • Collect contact information of the third party in the accident and witnesses (if any).
  • Do not discuss defects at the scene with the third party. We will assist you to claim or indemnify the third party on your behalf in accordance with the Insurance Policy.
  • In case of needing to be rescued, please contact the Customer Service Center for advice and assistance.
  • When the car stalls in the area where the water is flooded, please do not restart the engine!
  • Call our hotline immediately for instructions

procedures necessary for completing a claim:
In specific cases, the Client shall follow the instructions for supplementing documents as follows:

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