Worker’s compensation Insurance


Worker's compensation Insurance


Claim flow

Loss Notice: Announce the accident situation and information of the Insured via hotline

Submit claim forms with medical/hospital documents: After completing treatment, the Insured need to prepare a complete set of all treatment documents that have arisen and submit to UIC's office

After getting approval on the claim adjustment, you will receive your claim payment from us

Claim document list

  • Notice of accident and Claim form (UIC’s form) duly completed and signed by the Claimant (the Insured or the Insured’s legal heirs or authorized persons)
  • Prescriptions – Invoices
  • Hospital discharge form, Surgery certificate (if any)
  • Test results, X-ray films, medical records, …
  • Social insurance leave certificate (if any)
  • Copies of medical records or Summary of medical records
  • Notarized death certificate and certificate of legal inheritance (in case of death)
  • Other documents (depend on specific case)

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