Thermography Survey

Thermography Survey

The purpose of this survey is to mitigate the electrical fire risks.

How to mitigate the risk:

• Thermography can be applied in any situation where a problem
or condition can reveal itself by means of a thermal difference.
• Infrared thermography is a valuable and versatile tool that we cannot possibly list all the applications.

Thermography survey can detect following risk.
-Overheating due to partially disconnected conducting wire
can cause fire.
-Electrical resistance can build up due to any loosen terminal.
-Fire occurs due to short circuit or ground

■Expected Survey period: 1 day

Required material

Please ask the person in charge of electric to join this survey, because we require him to open the electrical panel and remove the protective/safety cover to check the current condition. However we conduct survey under normal factory operation.
Electric shutdown is not necessary but the loading should be at least 40% to achieve accurate results

Sample survey schedule

9.00 am Opening Meeting/Interview
10.30 am Site Tour
12.00 noon Lunch
1.00 pm Site Tour
3.00 pm Prepare for closing meeting
4.00 pm Closing meeting

Risk Management Information