Electrical equipment Component Failure analysis survey

Electrical equipment Component Failure analysis survey

Please ask the person in charge of electric to join this survey, because we require him to open the electrical panel to check the current condition. However we conduct survey under normal factory operation. Electric shutdown is not necessary.

Leakage current Capacitor
Confirm whether leakage current value is acceptable Conduct visual inspection
In order to confirm whether leakage current value is acceptable or not, we utilize the clamp meters to measure it. Confirm whether capacitor is defective or not, for example distortion, based on visual inspection.

Confirm whether leakage detector is installed or not. Confirm the condition of harmonic current
We confirm whether the leakages relay is installed or not, if no, it is recommended
to install it based on the existing condition.

If a fixed harmonic current flow through the capacitor, it could cause generation of heat, deterioration of capacitor and

Required cooperation

Questionnaire filled out by insured/Building layout of the premises (with scale or range)/ Company brochure (which illustrates the profile of your company, including branch or plant overview, etc.) or other materials

Risk Management Information


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