Safety drive training for UIC staffs by Honda Vietnam

This November, for the first time ever, we had an exciting Safety Driving Day at Honda Vietnam – Traffic Safety Education Center (TSEC) thanks to the close relationship between UIC and Honda Vietnam. Warmly welcomed by Honda Vietnam, 17 attendees from UIC including HODs, Managers, staffs had a valuable theory training session including 4 riding trials on simulation machine which were truly amusing and a full afternoon of practicing. Trust me, though we ride motorbikes every day, it is not easy at all riding in a correct technical manner!            

As the majority of our business is related to accident, this safety driving training is not only helpful by enhancing the riding technique but somehow similar to a loss prevention method. This initiative is actually a service provided by Honda Vietnam and mostly appropriate for companies/factories with large number of staffs commuting to work by individual vehicles. The training can be held at either Honda Vietnam – TSCE or the clients’ premises and content can be customized as per request. If you have any clients who find this service interesting, MKT2 HO would be delighted to act as a contact point with Honda Vietnam for this activity. By this collaboration, both UIC and Honda Vietnam have a desire to spread this beneficial activity throughout the community for a safer traffic environment.

Some moments at the safety driving training day:

Picture 1: Theory learning

Picture 2: Practice driving
Picture 3: Practice driving
Picture 4: Practice driving
Picture 5: UIC staff joining the short training driving course


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