Launching new portal for distribution of Hospital Cash Insurance to employees of UIC’s clients

Following the success of previous affinity projects such as Ahamove, Zalopay, Traveloka….
at the end of December 2021, UIC officially launched HC Portal – a digital platform
dedicated to sell Hospital Cash Insurance product. The difference between this project and
others is that instead of focusing on a specific group of customers through agency
agreement with partners, the target customer of this product is the entire employees and
relatives of UIC’s corporate clients.
By a given promotion link, customers are enable to access to various options of HC
insurance package, in a simplified, accessible manner. It takes only few minutes with simple
actions, employees and their relatives can purchase insurance directly from UIC. The
platform is not just limited to buying policy online but the claim process has also gone
Taking advantage of the available potential customers, competitive advantages of our
strategic product and comprehensive features of the HC Portal platform, it is hoped that
revenue generated from HC Portal will contribute a significant part to the business result of
UIC in 2022. Moreover, the success of the project will create a premise for UIC to continue
collaborating with big insurtech companies to develop digital platform for various product


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