Preventive Measures against Typhoon & Flood

Software aspect

1. Update latest disaster information

Information source:
The National Center for Hydro Meteorological Forecasting or other sources VN/1/bao ap thap nhiet doi 2049 15.html 

2. Organize Emergency Team against disaster

3. Preparation of various emergency equipment

  • Fuel for electric generator
  • Sandbags
  • Emergency lighting
  • First aid kit and water/food (if needed)
Hardware aspect

4. Roof

  • Check the condition: screws, holes …
  • Install/join firmly by screws/clamps
  • Use sandbags if necessary

5. Openings (window/door/shutter)

  • Close all openings completely and locked/fixed
  • Tape on window glass
  • Use wooden batten to strengthen door/shutter
  • Hold both lower sides of door/shutter by heavy object like sandbags

6. External machinery/facilities

  • Ensure to lock overrun equipment e.g. overhead/bridge crane
  • Cut down big trees which might fall down onto facilities
  • Remove object which will be easily blown away such as pieces of wood, tin roof sheet, pebble and so on

7.a.Outdoor storage materials/equipment

  • Moving goods to inside building
  • Covering by water proof plastic sheets and fixing by wire/rope

7.b.Indoor storage materials/equipment

  • No important goods or machinery at basement/low level position
  • Relocate goods to the upper level of racks or high positions to
    avoid water damage
  • Cover expensive and vulnerable machines, equipment and
    finished goods with sheet

8. Enhance the countermeasures prevent flooding

  • Deployment of sandbags to prevent inundation
  • Cleaning dirt/mud inside drainage system
  • Providing flood pump
Post disaster recovery & notification

9. Actions to be taken if loss happen


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