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Worker’s compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation Insurance of UIC will compensate in case employee/staff/woker of the policyholder sustains personal injury by an occupational accident or occupational disease (referred to herein as the insured event) caused during the Period of Insurance and arising out of and in the course of employment.

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Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance provided by UIC is customized with many wide range of coverage options and type of policy to suit your need.
With long term experience in cargo insurance, UIC provide the best protection for your business.

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Liability Insurance

All businesses operate in an increasingly litigious society, and this also increases their need to understand what is liability insurance coverage. Even if it may be difficult to imagine a situation where you are likely to face a claim from a third party, insuring your business against such unforeseen factors and events is wise. While the cost of a getting a liability insurance policy for your business depends of the type of business, risk factors and your coverage needs, it is still relatively inexpensive. This is very affordable compared to the amount of money you would spend ‘out-of-pocket’ in legal costs and compensation in the event that your business is sued.

Understanding what is l liability insurance is vital to protect your business from lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage from third parties.

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Bankers Blanket Bond insurance

Banks and financial institutions are one of the most exposed group to criminal activities such as employee infidelity, fraud, theft, forgery and the result of which can be devastating. In a difficult economic environment, the additional pressures from shareholders or regulatory authorities also require more comprehensive protection of banks and financial institutions.
A solution for this can be Bankers Blanket Bond insurance which helps protect banks and financial institution against criminal actions committed by dishonest employees and/or third parties.

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Movable Property All Risk

Movable property all risk compensates the Insured for any loss or damage to the insured subject stated in the contract due to fire, lightning strikes, theft, hurricanes, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods, errors or errors in handling, transportation issues and unexpected and unforeseen incidents, regardless wherever the Insured subject is

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Office Multi Risk

Get a Quote Office Multi Risk All Risks Money Insurance Liability Insurance All Risks Coverage: Insurance of unexpected losses and damages to property, at the

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Money Insurance

Money insurance protects your business money (which will include not only cash and cheques, but also items such as postage stamps, credit card; sales vouchers, revenue stamps, bonds bills of exchange) by providing cover for loss or damage to it whilst on your premises or in transit

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Inland Cargo Insurance

With cargo transit within Vietnam, UIC provide inland cargo insurance to protect your business against potential losses caused by the perils during the conveyance

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Machinery movement Insurance

This policy provides cover for loss of, or damage to machinery during specified moving operations. Machinery movement insurance is particularly suitable for: machinery movers, contractors’ plant hauliers, machinery owners

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Hull Insurance

UIC provoide insurance for losses and damages to hull of the insured vessel, machinery and equipment of the insured vessel caused by insured peril on river/sea or incident such as collision, fire, explosion, stranding, boiler explosion,…

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Construction & Engineering Insurance

Protect your project against unforeseen losses
Time and costs are two critical factors in any construction project. However, if the unexpected or the unforeseen happens resulting in damage to your building materials or equipment, your project can be delayed. As a result, the financial losses can mount.
UIC’s Construction & Engineering Insurance will protect your building projects against loss or damage. We offer competitive terms that appeal to clients of all sizes from office and retail fit outs to principals of major civil engineering projects.
With our specialist expertise, UIC can provide your company with comprehensive financial protection against many areas of risk, including work in progress or material damage to your project and also liability against third-party claims arising from engineering and construction works. Our flexible approach also means your policies can be tailored to your specific needs

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Healthcare Insurance

Nowadays, medical cost is increasing day by day. When you have an accident or illness, you and your family will need a complete financial protection solution to overcome the risk.
Understanding the need of customer, UIC has launched the MediShield personal health insurance product with the mission of providing optimal financial solutions for medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness. , disease, surgery.

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Medical Insurance

If at any time during the period of insurance, the insured person incurs any hospital and/ or surgical expenses and/ or other expenses as described in the policy as a result of death, injury, sickness, illness or disease, UIC agrees to pay to the policyholder the benefits as shown in the Schedule of Benefits for the selected plan.

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Personal accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance of UIC will compensate in case the insured suffers an accident with many benefits: Death, Permanent disability, Incapacity to work and medical expenses during the treatment of an injury caused by such accident.

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Property Insurance

Businesses are vulnerable to physical damage from various sources, any of which can result in costly interruptions to operations and profit losses.
UIC offers property insurance that provides financial protection for your business against such risks.

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Risk assessment and management services

Thermography Survey

Thermography Survey The purpose of this survey is to mitigate the electrical fire risks. How to mitigate the risk: • Thermography can be applied in

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Property Survey

Property Survey (Full / Follow Up / Loss Prevention) The purpose of this survey isto mitigate the fire and explosion risk in risk premises. How

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Loss Preventive Measures

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