Motor Insurance – AutoJoy

Motor Insurance - AutoJoy

To meet the needs every car owner, UIC has launched a comprehensive auto insurance program with the goal of providing customers:
-An comprehensive asset protection solution, financially secure.
-A professional team staff to assist not only sales process but also compensation settlement
-Japan’s motor vehicle insurance service standards

Why should you choose us?

Repair car at genuine garage

New replacement parts - genuine parts


Compensation for damage caused by water strikes


100% new car compensation

for car used within 1 year (In case damage upto 75% of car value or more)


Cost of ambulance


Free car rescue nationwide


AUTOJOY Coverage
PD UIC is responsible for compensating the automobile owner for physical damage as a result of natural disasters, unexpected and unforeseen accidents.
TPL UIC is responsible for compensating non-contractual damage to body, life and property to third party caused by automobile.
PA UIC is responsible for compensating bodily injury to the person insured caused by the accident while being in the automobile, getting into/out of the automobile during its operation.
Note * (Kindly review detail in Voluntary Automobile Insurance wording)

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