Loan Borrower Insurance

Health Insurance - Loan Borrower

Borrower insurance is a security product that ensures your loan continues to be paid in the event of insolvency due to death, total permanent disability, missing…

Product features:


Flexible program suitable to each loan term and duration

Suitable for financial institutions providing credit/loan to the market

Main exclusion:

1. War (declared or not), civil war, terrorism.
2. Strike, disturbance, civil riot.
3. Asbestos or asbestos materials under any form or quantity.
4. Chemical pollution, radioactive material or nuclear material or catastrophic risks such as earthquake, volcano, tsunami.
5. Accident occurs before effective date.
6. The Insured suicides.
7. The Insured’s intentional actions.
8. The insured person races, encourages racing, organizes illegal racing, yaws, swings when riding the motorbike.
And other exclusions according to wording.


Is an individual who is accepted to be covered by the Insurer under this Wording and satisfies the following conditions:

  • Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner residing in Vietnam and approved by the credit institution to provide loans under the credit contract;
  • From 18 to full 65 years old at the effective date and not over 70 years old at the expired date of the insurance policy;
  • Not being permanently disabled by 50% or more.

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