Private Home Insurance

Private Home Insurance - HomeShield

For every Vietnamese, house is the biggest asset that resulting by a long period saving by the whole family.
With the development and improvement of life’s quality, home owners are increasingly interested in ways to protect their beloved home against unforeseen risks that can occur at any time in life.
Responding to this practical need, UIC promptly launched HomeShield – Private home insurance. Joining UIC, you will feel completely assured that your beloved home will be fully protected with the best quality and service.

Product Features:

Protect your house

Protect your house, the assets inside the house and the mobile property.

Liability insurance for individuals or family

Customer can sellect to add-on liability insurance of individuals or family to main program.



Coverage Insured Sum of insured Deductible
Compulsory insurance 1. The house and/or the refurbishment, renovation, fitting and decoration: Maximum upto 5 billion/house or apartment Apply to house: 10,000,000/any one occurrence
1.1 House/apartment with full automatic sprinkler and rated A with high standard.
1.2 House/apartment not covered by section 1.1
1.3 Private house
Optional insurance 2. Property inside the house: Maximum upto 1 billion Property inside the house: 5,000,000/any one occurrence
Maximum upto 50 milion for each property
3. Movable Property (Case by case covered only) Maximum 300mil Movable Property:  VND 5,000,000/any one occurrence

Section 2 - Personal and Family Liability

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Deductible
Limit of liablity /any one occurrence    1,000,000,000    2,000,000,000    3,000,000,000 VND 10,000,000 each and every loss (for property damage only)

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