Trade credit

Trade credit insurance

Protects your cashflow to keep your business sustainable.
If receivables are insured, a company can safely sell more to both existing customers and new customers without worrying about the risks.
Insuring receivables frees up capital for the company. Also, credit insurance premiums are tax deductible.
Trade credit insurance can improve a company’s relationship with its lenders. In many cases, the bank will require trade credit insurance for a company to qualify for an asset-based loan.

Insurance Coverage

Credit insurance protects your business from non payment of commercial debt. It makes sure that your
invoices will be paid and allows you to reliably manage
the commercial and political risks of trade.

Main Exclusions:

-Losses related to nuclear;;
-Failure to fulfil the contract or to comply with any law;
-Failure to obtain any necessary import or export licence;
-Losses arising in connection with the third country.
-Specific exclusions will be mentioned in your policy.

Do you need to consult about the product?

    Do you need to consult about the product?

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