Property Survey

Property Survey

(Full / Follow Up / Loss Prevention)

The purpose of this survey is
to mitigate the fire and explosion risk in risk premises.

How to mitigate the risk:

■ Identify potential hazards and other exposures that may result in damage to clients ’ property, arising
from following issue with our accumulated experience and knowledge through our site visit;

■ Use information gathered from site inspection to prepare loss prevention
recommendations and assist clients make decisions to minimize risks
by providing them practical, viable solutions
■ Expected Survey period: 1 day
■ Full Survey includes Underwriting Information,
Risk Assessment and PML Assessment.

Potential hazards and other exposures:

Malfunctioning of electrical equipment.
Inadequate maintenance of fire fighting equipment.
Mishandling storage of hazardous materials
Deficient maintenance of trade machinery, building services and utilities
Unsatisfactory housekeeping
Improper management of Hot Works, smoking control

Required material

Questionnaire filled out by insured/Building layout of the premises (with scale or range)/ Company brochure (which illustrates the profile of your company, including branch or plant overview, etc.) or other materials

Sample survey schedule

9.00 am Opening Meeting/Interview
10.30 am Site Tour
12.00 noon Lunch
1.00 pm Site Tour
3.00 pm Prepare for closing meeting
4.00 pm Closing meeting

Risk Management Information